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St Paul United 

Church of Christ


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Our REGULAR Worship At St. Paul UCC

Our Sunday traditional worship service begins at 9:50 a.m. weekly, with the call of the ship's bell outside the sanctuary doors, inviting everyone inside to the service.

Our traditional style worship is a blend of hymns from all over the world ~ classical, gospel, jazz. We sing hymns old and new.

Our Sunday School Program is also part of our weekly worship. The children begin their day in the sanctuary and then leave with their teachers for the Sunday School Program.

Choirs add to the joy of our worship. Anyone interested, worshipping with us, may join a choir.

We celebrate Holy Communion monthly at our worship services.

Our congregation really enjoys the arts in worship. This set of pictures comes from our Christmas Eve service, 2012.

The Christmas Bell choir plays a selection, accompanied by organ and clarinetist Heather Page, under the direction of Howard Page.We celebrate Holy Communion monthly at our worship services.

Husband and wife team sings a familiar duet.

We follow the risen Lord Jesus, who appeared to the disciples by the seashore and sent them out into the world to serve others in His Name.