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St Paul United 

Church of Christ

Outreach and Community Dinner

Jesus taught us to love God and to love one another, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The congregation is good at reaching in these directions and wants to invite you to participate both in the gathered church family, and the sent church family. 


By that, we mean to feel welcomed and beloved of God and the church family, and also to reach out to our neighbors with the same welcome and love! Come and experience this belonging and serving. 


One of our outreaches is the Tuesday evening community meal. Both members and non-members serve this meal, and members and non-members eat with their neighbors at this meal. The meal is provided EVERY TUESDAY from 5:00-6:30 PM with the exception of very bad weather.   At this time, due to Covid-19, we are serving dinner Carry-Out only.   We are only preparing a certain number of meals. So when food runs out, we close early.  The number of dinners are changed often so that we can accommodate as needed.

Our St. Paul chefs serve delicious home cooked meals that always get compliments. Often our guests want to meet the chefs and servants, to personally say, “Thank you.”

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! There is no cost.

The Tuesday night dinner just continues to grow, and it is a delightful group of people who join us. As the number grows, so does our need for volunteers. Give some thought to sharing one evening a month in helping out. Help is always appreciated in cooking, serving or cleaning up. Please consider giving one Tuesday a month to help. You won’t be sorry you did. Extra hands do make a difference!

Our Tuesday night dinners continue to be a wonderful service to this community. Over 100 children and adults come for a quiet sit-down meal and conversation. The “regulars” always sit at the same tables. They are comfortable and welcome to do so. A good portion of our guests are families, of all kinds. Music is usually provided!